Monday, April 7, 2014

Is Megalodon, The Monster Shark, still alive?

   Megalodon was an ancient shark during the time of the dinosaurs. Its average length was about 70 to 90 ft wide. It had 6 rows of monster teeth and had a dorsal fin longer than most humans. It was the King of the Seas, the best hunter that had ever lived in the ocean. Many people believe that it is still hunting in the oceans of the Earth, but many scientists have proved theories wrong. It was proved that sharks behave sluggish in cold waters and are active in warm waters. Also the cold temperatures improves the performance of the sharks metabolism, making it have to hunt more animals. Because of tectonic plates, the continents blocked out the migration route of whales, keeping the whales on one side and Megalodon on the other. Now, they had to hunt more, in sluggish behavior, when their primary food source was cut off. The Ice Age had brought an end to the Monster hunter.

My Opinion

  Of course its real!!!! Megalodon was a deep sea hunter, meaning it lived down to depths of 6,000 ft. A research team had set a trap to tag the giant monster. They had succeeded in this task and had monitored it for only minutes. At an unspeakable and unmatched rate, the monster shark had dived down deep into the ocean faster than any marine life possible. The tag had lost its transmission at 6,524ft below sea level. No marine animal had ever dived down that deep that fast. No other shark known has behavior to go down that deep. Blue Sharks are the closest, going down to about 4,000ft.

Top 10 Megalodon Sightings

1 Dorsal fin of 6 ft. This photograph was taken from atleast 1,000 feet away. The shark is attacking a whale.


2. A whale was bitten in half. Only Megalodon is known to take bites that big and from that angle.

3. As you can see, Megalodon was very big.

4. Megalodon was the biggest of all sharks, and this shows proves just that.

5. Tooth of the Great White on the left, the Megalodon tooth on the right. See the difference?

6. The Jaw of the Megalodon was very Massive. It could eat a baby whale in one bite.

7. Megalodon was very long. Longer than a city bus!

8. This is the shark with the closest length to the Megalodon.
9. Megalodon was longer than the King of Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

10. Megalodon was a very ruthless killer, and often killed prey from under.


Megalodon was a very ruthless killer and perhaps the largest hunter in the ocean. It was nearly 100 ft long and had 6 rows of long and sharp teeth. If Megalodon was alive today, and we had a skeleton of it, imagine a freight train with 6 rows of knives sticking out of it. That's a very close description of this beast and exactly how it should be imagined. The MONSTER SHARK LIVES!!!!


What do you think? Is Megalodon alive? Post your opinion in the comments section and your favorite picture of Megalodon.

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